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    Pink cute rubber eraser is a creative stationery for primary school students. It can be used to remove traces of writing errors and improve the accuracy of primary school students’ writing. It is very interesting. It looks like a creative lipstick, but it is actually an eraser and can be used as a cute Children’s prizes. For the first to sixth grade students, a good-looking rubber band is a must-have school supplies. Children may make mistakes in their daily homework. Dirty rubber bands are not good for improving children. The academic performance, even, endangers the physical and mental health of children. This creative lipstick eraser is not only cute in appearance, but also very safe in material, which can be used safely by children.
    Product Specification
    nameLipstick eraser
    sizeApproximately 1.8 * 7.4cm
    weightNet weight about 14.7g
    Packaging36 pcs / box
    Colorlipstick and rubber mixed batch
    Product Highlight
    School suppulies
    Rotatable rubber
    Safe material
    Creative and attractive
    Lovely gift
    Product Description
    1. This rubber pad is made of high-quality safety rubber material, tasteless and safe.
    2. Creative lipstick eraser effectively improves children’s learning efficiency and facilitates children’s learning.
    3. cute pink wins children’s likes and enhances their interest in learning with its interesting shape.
    4. Roller design similar to lipstick, which is conducive to the use of rubber.
    5. Versatile, creative lipstick eraser can be used as a prize for competitions between children,
    Meeting gift for children
    About Thunlit
    Shenzhen Thunlit Technology Co., Ltd is located in Shenzhen, China. It is an e-commerce company that integrates production, processing and sales, and diversified development online and offline. Rubbing and other student stationery, provide distributors with very competitive products to help fight against the siege of large supermarkets, chain brand stores, and large e-commerce websites. Our company produces a variety of high-quality student stationery. Many companies at home and abroad have cooperated with us. We are committed to the development of many distributors to join, and because of excellent quality and good service, we have established a good Word of mouth and reputation, based on scientific management methods and pragmatic business philosophy, we have always maintained a rapid development trend and lead everyone to a better future Rubber Eraser