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    10 Valentine’s Day Apps for iPhone and Android

    The rise of mobile phones and apps has enabled a whole new era of connectivity. We can easily connect with people thousands of miles away, and there are a plethora of mobile apps available to facilitate those connections in unique and meaningful ways. Naturally, this has made smartphones an integral part of building and maintaining modern romantic relationships. With Valentine’s Day approaching, we’ve thrown together a quick list of apps that can help you in your romantic endeavours.
    Couple: Couple is all about syncing yourself up with your partner. It’s a mini-social network that lets you share your thoughts, pictures, schedules, etc, but only between the two of you. It’s a smart idea for couples in the mobile age, and features a very easy to use interface.
    Avocado: Though it might sound like a cooking app, this one is actually a private social/chat tool, quite similar to Couple. Avocado helps keep a couple in sync and connected. It’s a cute little app that provides private chat, shared media, lists, calendars, and other such features. You probably won’t need both Avocado and Couple, but try out both and see which one you prefer.
    Snapchat: Whatever else Snapchat may be, or may become as it branches out, it remains a great tool for connecting and sharing. It’s so much more personal than other messengers, and that makes a big difference. It’s an ideal app by mobile apps development if you are looking for ways to send a little love to your Valentine while they are away.
    YPlan: YPlan is only available for UK users in London for now (New York and San Francisco in the US), but if you happen to be in an area where YPlan is operating you should definitely try it out. It’s an event-finding app that has a flair for quickness spontaneity. Just open it up to see what’s going on tonight and in a couple taps you’re booked and on your way. A great tool for planning dates!
    Tinder: This app is pretty simple, but the huge user base makes it flexible. Whether you’re looking for long-term or short-term relationships, or just someone to chat with. It’s incredibly popular and easy to use, so no matter what you’re looking for, you can give it a shot on Tinder.
    VideoDate: This app uses a proprietary video chat system to put you face-to-face with your matches, providing a unique dating app experience. Worth checking out while you are sifting through the wide world of dating apps.
    Touchnote: Touchnote is a great tool for building personalized greeting cards—the extra effort and personal touch goes far beyond a boring store bought card and is sure to make your partner feel special. Cards are fairly priced, come with free shipping, and the printing quality is very high. Download this app and start building your perfect Valentine’s Day card today.
    Ink: The second Greeting card maker on the list, Ink is very popular and well-established. The services on offer here are very similar to Touchnote, the only real difference is the selection of editing tools and templates, so I recommend grabbing both and seeing which one enables the card idea that really speaks to you.
    Howaboutwe: Howaboutwe is another dating app that tries to help break the ice in a unique way by matching people not based on personality, or looks, but on date ideas. It’s an effective formula, if you want to put yourself out there and get right into the dating game, this app can get you real-life meetings quickly.
    Spotify: Spotify is one of the leading music-streaming apps, so I probably don’t have to tell you much about it. Don’t forget about Spotify when it comes to planning your Valentine’s Day romance, though—head over to the community-created playlists to find yourself an awesome set of songs for your romantic evening.You’ll thank me later.
    I hope this list gives you somewhere to start on planning your ideal Valentine’s Day. If you do things right, you can turn your smartphone into a perfect wingman, date planner, communication tool, and more. Just another way that mobile is bringing new ways to connect people and celebrate love. Startups spread your wings and check out attractive portfolio to help you with our business idea.