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    Product Introduction
    Showtech lattice styles are a commonly sold as privacy screening as well as a front yard decorative fence. These sections are manufactured in both 2″deluxe diagonal and 2″ deluxe square lattice with a heavy duty 2″x6″ aluminum reinforced bottom rail. We offer Lattice sections and matching gate in scalloped and crowned designs. brittle. It won鈥檛 fade or warp. This means no matter that of our colors you choose, or how you use them, the results are always the same. Perfection!
    ST801-Plastic Lattice Fence 锛?/strong>4鈥?H x 8鈥漌锛?/strong>
    QTYSIZE (inch)LENGTH (inch)
    Line Post:15″X5″72.00
    Top – Lattice Rail11.5″X5.5″94.00
    Bottom – Lattice Rail11.5″X5.5″94.00
    Lattice Part138.5”x91”91.00
    Aluminum Insert1For bottom rail94.00
    U-groove Lattice2
    U-groove Lattice
    Flat Cap1
    Flat Cap
    What is the cost of the product compared to wood?
    The cost of the product is amazingly similar to wood product (e.g. #1 grade clear cedar or redwood with #1 grade, free of heart fence posts, and then add paint preparation including sanding and priming and painting). Also if you calculate the cost of future maintenance, then vinyl is definitely the better choice overall.
    Does Showtech Vinyl Fence chalk?
    Showtech Vinyl鈥檚 use of durable grade non-chalking TiO2 in their vinyl (PVC) formulation ensures that there will be a very minimal chalking of our fence products. All vinyl fencing will chalk sooner or later, but with the superior protection capabilities of our TiO2 this will be kept to a bare minimum. Chalking is the deterioration of the vinyl surface thereby exposing the TiO2 particles to the surface. The white powder that you can wipe off from the surface of most vinyl fences is the TiO2 particles mixed with deteriorated vinyl (PVC). Showtech Vinyl is formulated for exceptional beauty over a full lifetime.
    I already have my own profiles design,can you produce the same?
    Yes, We have strong ability to design molds independently.We also can open molds for you according to your needs.You just need to send us samples or drawing,we can produce the same one in very short time. If you have a large order,we will not charge for the mold.Customized Vinyl Lattice Fence